The Blended Retirement System

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The Blended Retirement System
Compare Benefits

Compare Benefits

Compare benefits between the old and new retirement system with the BRS Analyzer. Available only through your First Command Financial Advisor. Get a quick demo of the Analyzer With Our BRS Preview.

To Blend or Not to Blend?

Every active duty member of the military with less than 12 years of service and any Reserve Component member who has less than 4,320 retirement points on Dec. 31, 2017 will be faced with an important financial decision in 2018: remain in the current retirement plan or opt into the BRS?

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Active Duty Reserve Component
Scott Spiker

Read Chairman/CEO
Scott Spiker's Perspectives

Frontlines of Freedom Talk Radio

November 25,2017

CEO Scott Spiker explains the risk inherent in the new military retirement system and how BRS affects financial and career decisions for active duty military members.

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